Wind Turbines Service

Wind Turbines Service

Lack of maintenance leads
to costly repairs!

We would like to offer Rope Access services to wind farming industry.

The regular maintenance & inspection works is done by qualified Rope Access Technicians to ensure maximum safety and productivity.

We can offer onshore/offshore
Rope Access Wind Turbines Service

  • Tower inspection Internal/external
  • Blade inspection internal/external
  • Blade cleaning & repairs
  • Cleaning (oil & hydraulic spills, exterior interior)
  • Load Testing (anchor points)
  • Height safety equipment inspection (Petzl, Singing Rock)
  • NDT inspections
  • Coating & Corrosion Control
  • Visual, Video and photographic surveys
  • Other Works at Height
  • Stand-by Rescue
  • Installation of fall protection systems (Latchways)
  • Rope Access Training
  • Work at heigh Training
Wind Turbines Service
Wind Turbines Service
Wind Turbines Service

Our team

We employ qualified trade & engineering personnel with IRATA and OTDL rope access certification. Our team members proved themselves on various projects in Offshore Oil & Gas, Onshore Refineries, Geotechnical & Infrastructure Projects as well as Civil & Construction.

Information, pricing and ordering

For detailed information, pricing and ordering
please contact us:

(+48 32) 724 11 33
+48 601 21 86 90
+48 607 30 50 70

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00